20 Tasks To Outsource To Your Virtual Assistant

If you’re a struggling entrepreneur trying to grow your business and are exhausted, then consider working with a Virtual Assistant. Because you can’t do it all yourself, here are at least 20 tasks that you can give to your Virtual Assistant. These are in no particular order.

  1. Filter Emails/Manage Spam
  2. Data Entry
  3. Calendar Management
  4. Travel Arrangement
  5. Document Creation
  6. Database and Contact Management
  7. Internet Research
  8. Bookkeeping
  9. Bill Paying
  10. Proofreading
  11. Appointment Setting
  12. Online Surveys
  13. Craigslist/eBay ads
  14. Creating e-Newsletters
  15. Blog Creation/Management
  16. Social Media Maintenance
  17. Reminder Services
  18. Preparing PowerPoint Presentations
  19. Project Management Between You and The Team
  20. Concierge Services

Realize that from the start, a Virtual Assistant will need a learning curve to customize these tasks to your particular business.

Assigning work to a Virtual Assistant gives you back time and space for an abundance of other things, which may include: increasing your revenue and profits; increasing your productivity and stability; growing your business by seeking new clients; spending more time with family and friends.

Once you take the plunge and get a Virtual Assistant, you’ll wonder why you didn’t utilize one sooner!

Best Wishes,

Christine Swanson, Virtual Assistant