5 Tips for a Successful Relationship With Your Virtual Assistant

Because we are imperfect people living in an imperfect world, the relationship with your Virtual Assistant may not be what you expected. Since you are no doubt working online, you may not be able to meet to ensure a smooth working relationship. Here are 5 tips to help you have a successful relationship with your Virtual Assistant:

  1. Give valuable feedback. Since your Virtual Assistant will probably have more clients than just you, it’s always helpful to offer feedback on how he/she is assisting you. Provide insight by explaining the purpose of giving the feedback which should point him/her to help assist you better. Be positive and constructive, emphasizing on strengths and simply point out areas of improvement.
  2. Good Communication. It is essential for the success of any relationship, but may be more so in cases of working online. Not being able to communicate face-to-face eliminates facial and body nuances which we unconsciously pick-up in conversations, so please be concise, clear, and ready for questions from your Virtual Assistant. Your VA should be asking lots of questions to ensure that your instructions are understood.
  3. Trust. All relationships need a measure of trust to work. After finding a quality Virtual Assistant trust him/her as they are a business owner as well. An excellent VA wants what’s best for your business too. Not sure where to find a VA? Ask around. Personal referrals have an added trust benefit.
  4. Set Goals. Don’t Micromanage. Providing clear instruction is necessary, but don’t overdo it. If you micromanage it defeats the purpose of having a VA! Your precious time is now tied up instructing a person you hired to free up your time! So make sure you set goals regarding the quality, amount of work to complete, and the required completion date and time.
  5. Create a Schedule. Typically the first 3 months are the “getting to know you phase.” I encourage clients to choose from a monthly retainer package after the first 3 months because by then a groove has formed and what can be expected from both parties is made known. Your Virtual Assistant will have a better understanding of your business practices and you will know what to expect from your VA after 3 months. Make sure your VA understands how many hours a month you expect from him/her. Create a schedule so the fluidity of virtual assistance can shine!

Working with a Virtual Assistant should surge you forward to the next level of your business! Putting into practice these 5 steps, you and your VA should have a smooth working relationship.

Best Wishes,

Christine Swanson, Virtual Assistant