As a Business Owner You Shouldn’t Be Doing That!

What I’m talking about is administrative tasks. You have so many other, more important, items to take care of during the course of your day that you shouldn’t be bogged down with administrative tasks. Growing your business to the level you want it to be will require that you let go of some reigns and delegate to your Virtual Assistant.

Every business owner should have a Virtual Assistant on their team. A Virtual Assistant is a time saver for you! Working with a Virtual Assistant to handle your email, calendar, appointment scheduling, travel arrangements, data entry, spreadsheet management, Dropbox or Google Drive organization (to name a few!) will help you become more productive as an entrepreneur. It’s essential!

If you’re unorganized, a Virtual Assistant can put systems and processes in place to help you get organized. If you’re overwhelmed with emails, a Virtual Assistant can set filters, manage spam and update your contacts so you don’t get sucked into the land Gmail for hours. If you’re unsure how to capitalize on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media, a Virtual Assistant can update your status and post a picture of your most recent product while growing your network of connections.

If you are currently handling all of the above-mentioned tasks and more…you are wasting your precious time instead of capitalizing on it!

Go ahead! Take the plunge and utilize a Virtual Assistant! You’ll wonder why you didn’t utilize one sooner!

Best Wishes,

Christine Swanson, Virtual Assistant