Benefits of Utilizing a Virtual Assistant for Small Businesses

Being a Virtual Assistant, I’ve come across many people who are extremely interested in what I do. People think virtual assistance is a wonderful idea. Granted, I didn’t come up with the idea of virtual assistance, but none-the-less people love the idea when I tell them what I do. The tasks most people like to delegate to me include updating social media, writing newsletters, responding to customer inquiries, phone and email reception, appointment setting and bookkeeping. These are the tasks most small business owners find time consuming which get in their way of finding new clients/customers for themselves.

Another advantage which brightens the eyes of my clients is the fact that there are no employee-related expenses. There are no administrative or legal issues of employing staff. With employees there’s sick pay, vacation, benefits, holidays, payroll taxes, recruiting, hiring and training.

I’ve heard that it’s estimated that the true cost of an employee can be double or even triple the cost of their annual salary when you include benefits and liabilities. With a Virtual Assistant, like myself, there are no benefits, vacation, holiday, sick, no payroll taxes or administrative costs. I bill you at the end of the month for my time worked. That’s it!

Of course, there are other benefits to working with a Virtual Assistant like myself, but I’ll get more into that at a later date!

Have a great day!

Christine Swanson, Virtual Assistant