How Can You Afford “Not” to Have a Virtual Assistant?

Many people tell me that they are skeptical of utilizing a Virtual Assistant or don’t know how it’s more beneficial than an employee. I understand the idea of utilizing a Virtual Assistant is a foreign idea to some (or many) for the small business owner or non-profit! So let’s compare an employee to a Virtual Assistant.


So on top of your already big “to-do” list, you now add “hire an employee.” To find an employee you need to advertise so you put out an ad and interview candidates for the job hoping you’ll find one that fits the bill. This, of course, takes more valuable time away from your business. Then you need to set up the office space for your new employee PLUS buy all of the equipment including furniture and of course supplies and training. You must pay a decent wage to recruit good talent and the cost of the employee’s hourly wage is hardly just that – don’t forget there are other expenses! When hiring an employee there’s also insurance, vacation pay, sick pay, workers compensation, taxes, health and all on top of the administrative costs already mentioned (recruiting, hiring, and training). You also pay an employee for the time they are working for you, productive or not! Whew! I’m getting tired just thinking of it all! Oh yes, and don’t forget about complying with OSHA!

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is someone who helps business owners with his/her administrative tasks, but does it via a home office. Keep in mind a Virtual Assistant is a business owner as well so the hourly cost of a GOOD Virtual Assistant is going to be more than the hourly wage of an employee BUT it’s nothing compared to the overhead of hiring an employee. A Virtual Assistant is there to provide you with a much needed service. Unlike an employee, a Virtual Assistant only charges for productive time worked for you and there are NO costs like insurance, vacation pay, sick pay, workers compensation, taxes and administrative costs of recruiting, hiring and training. You also are able to tap in the Virtual Assistant’s experience and skills along with his/her network of business people. You are actually saving quite a bit of money and because a Virtual Assistant is running a business, they are there to provide quality work.

So it’s not a question of, “How can I afford a VA?”, but it’s a question of, “How can I afford NOT to have a VA?”

Best Wishes,

Christine Swanson, Virtual Assistant

SwansonSimpleSolutions, LLC