Local Virtual Assistant vs. Overseas Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant industry is booming and you can find a Virtual Assistant on pretty much every continent. So the big question is, local Virtual Assistant or overseas?


If you’re looking for a cheap Virtual Assistant, you can find one for a few dollars an hour overseas. If you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys! Yes, you can find a Virtual Assistant cheap overseas, but you will have barriers like the ocean for one, as they cannot come to you if needed, communication barriers, and an overseas Virtual Assistant may not understand your U.S. business practices. With an overseas Virtual Assistant, you may spend more time (which equates to money!) managing that person as you try to convey what your business needs are. Also with an overseas assistant, you don’t really know who is working for you. Because most overseas Virtual Assistants work for an outsourcing company, you may very well spend time managing your Virtual Assistant today only to have them be replaced tomorrow. You cannot feel confident knowing where and to whom you are sending your important business information.


A U.S.-based Virtual Assistant is “local.” Why not support a U.S. business? Rely local, right? If your Virtual Assistant is truly local, he or she may offer to come to your place of business should you need it. Instead of mailing documents back and forth, your local Virtual Assistant can come to you! With a local Virtual Assistant there will be no language or communication barriers and he or she can be available during your business hours as there shouldn’t be a huge time zone difference. Unlike utilizing an overseas outsourcing company, a local Virtual Assistant is a business owner who invests time in your business to help you reach your goals. Yes, a local Virtual Assistant is more money per hour (as they have a business to run), but, “You get what you pay for!” To run a profitable Virtual Assistant practice one must not charge less than $30 an hour. If you find someone who charges less than that, they won’t be around long because that’s just not profitable.

Which is better?

It comes down to what type of relationship you want with your Virtual Assistant. A local Virtual Assistant is going to be your long-term partner for success and an overseas Virtual Assistant is more short-term project oriented help.

Best Wishes,

Christine Swanson, Virtual Assistant