Why Don’t You Have A Virtual Assistant?

Being a Virtual Assistant for 6 years now, I’ve heard the gamut on why entrepreneurs just don’t want to pull the trigger and hire a Virtual Assistant. The reasons range from being scared of losing control, to not wanting to pay for help, to not having time to train, to not knowing how to get started.

While those may be legitimate reasons, you are probably not advancing your business because you are too entangled in the daily administrative work and not concentrating on the heart of the business. If you are working crazy hours and chasing after things like being more productive and profitable then hire a Virtual Assistant and start making things happen in big ways for you, your business and your future!

You may be thinking that utilizing a Virtual Assistant would drain your wallet, but it makes it fatter instead. A Virtual Assistant is a cost-effective office solution for handling your administrative tasks because there are no employee-related expenses like benefits, vacation, holiday and sick pay, no payroll taxes, or administrative costs. Even if your wallet is running on empty, utilizing a Virtual Assistant is a good idea because your Virtual Assistant can manage your non-core business operations while you focus on the core tasks that can make you seven figures!

Best Wishes,

Christine Swanson, Virtual Assistant